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  • incorporation and registration of all types of companies with Bulgarian and foreign ownership;

  • incorporation and registration of public joint stock companies and joint stock companies with special investment purpose;

  • transformation, amalgamation, infusion, division, separation of all types of companies;

  • enrolling of changes in the capital, management or other in the commercial register of companies;

  • convening and holding of general meetings of shareholders, respectively partners;

  • convening and holding of general meetings of bondholders;

  • advice on all legal issues related to the management of companies and standards of good corporate governance;

  • representation in claims related to disputes between management and shareholders;

  • performing due diligence of local companies


  • consultations related to taxation and indirect taxes VAT and excises in particular;

  • appeal against all kinds of acts issued by the NRA or local authorities;

  • all types of tax registrations VAT, authorized warehouse keepers and others.



  • preparation of labour contracts, job descriptions, rules for internal labour order, declarations, etc.;

  • preparation of all necessary documents related to the procedure for reduction of employees;

  • due diligence reports, including complete information of the employment situation of the company.



  • providing documents related to proceedings before administrative bodies;

  • contesting all kinds of denials of administrative authorities and of all administrative acts before all instances.



  • advice and assistance in the selection of appropriate objects for investment in the country and analyzing the most suitable forms for the acquisition of property or limited property rights by foreign investors, including through establishment of a company or special purpose entity;

  • complete verification of the validity of property rights and the lack of burdens as well as third party rights on real estates;

  • participation in negotiations and preparation of preliminary contracts and notarial acts with owners and construction companies for land acquisition, finalized projects, projects under construction and upcoming construction; full legal assistance for investment projects in acquisition of land and construction of commercial and office centers, holiday resorts, gated communities, residential buildings; leases and real estate management and multifunctional shopping centers; litigation in property law cases;

  • providing legal assistance in urban planning procedures for regulated land plots; providing legal services in construction permit procedures under Bulgarian legislation



  • Our Telecommunications practice group represents telecommunications operators, service providers and new market entrants on: the telecommunications regulatory framework; fixed and mobile telephony; internet services, including the provision of voiceover IP; data transmission networks; broadcasting and content regulations; cable television; electronic commerce; permits and licenses for the infrastructure development.



  • preparation of publishing contracts, production and co-production of films and television programs, contracts for concession rights to broadcasting and distribution of television movies, programs and broadcasts on radio, contracts for the settlement of relations with media copyright and related rights, contracts for assignment of an exclusive or non-exclusive right to use copyright works.

  • trademark registrations on national, European and international level.

  • advice and legal protection in the area of copyright and related rights.



  • settlement of property relations between spouses, concluding marriage contracts, termination of the marriage and the settlement of property relations between spouses after marriage;

  • settlement of hereditary relations and issues;




  • advising cable operators, filmmakers, advertisers, media agencies, actors, musicians, publishers, financial institutions and investors and others.



  • general corporate banking and provision of collateral;

  • servicing of bank transactions letters of credit, bank guarantees, etc.



  • litigation before all courts in the Republic of Bulgaria by highly qualified lawyers;

  • representation before the Arbitration Court at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and before other arbitrages ad hoc.



  • registrations of any kind of non-governmental organizations;

  • obtain visas and Bulgarian permanent residence by foreigners.

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